Bali 2010 - Maya Ubud

Maya Ubud is one of the more well known resorts in Ubud - famous for its distinctive design and luxurious spa facilities. The thing that strikes you as you arrive is the dramatic roof form of the entrance porch and reception building - it is unlike anything else in Bali. The rest of the resort maintains the drama with a design that veers towards Art Deco.

With a total of 108 villas, this resort is quite big and is set in a 10 hectare garden. As usual, the garden is immaculately designed and maintained. After you pass through the reception area you are faced with the expansive vista of the resort, with the villa units arranged on both sides of the main visual axis.

The villas are designed in Balinese style with straw roof. They are not very big, but beautifully furnished.

The entrance to the villas.

Inside the villas - cozy and romantic.

The small plunge pool in your private garden.

The rates here are not cheap, like other resorts in Bali you do have to pay for quality. As a matter of interest, Elizabeth Gilbert stayed at this resort when she wrote the Bali section of her book “Eat, Pray, Love”. She must be really rich even before the book was published !


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