Bali 2010 - The Spa at Komaneka Bisma

If you are looking for a great spa experience in Ubud, I would highly recommend the spa at Komaneka Bisma. It is beautifully designed - with individual spa rooms which are lined along a natural stream. The couple rooms actually sit on the banks of Campuhan River, with great views of the river and soothing sound of the natural flowing water. It is truly a paradise setting.

On the way to the spa - passing through lush tropical landscape and natural streams.

The spas are in individual pavilions - some next to the Campuhan River.

Inside the pavilion.

Views of Campuhan River.

Spa packages are quite extensive and you should be able to find a treatment that you like. The prices are also reasonable for a resort of this standard - definitely more affordable then the Amans and Four Seasons. The main ingredient of the spa products are surprisingly - tamarind ! I was expecting a sourish aroma but they actually smell very green and refreshing. I opted for the traditional Balinese Massage with tamarind body scrub - a 120 min session that was totally relaxing and cost around USD 80. The Mrs had a 90 min massage and she thoroughly enjoyed it too.


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