Bali 2010 - Oleh Oleh Bali

You can’t walk 2 steps in Bali without coming across a stall or a shop selling Oleh Oleh Bali - Bali souvenirs. They are everywhere - at the temples, the streets, the restaurants, resorts, etc. Sometimes you can get a “Oleh Oleh Overload” - you’ve seen so much you just don’t know what to buy anymore. But still duty calls and you must bring something back for your friends, family and collegues - so what do you do ? The hassle of having to bargain for every item can get very stressful.

Before we head down to Ubud for our much needed break from the chaos of Kuta, we decided to get all our souvenir shopping done. Our driver recommended us to this place at Sunset Road called Krisna Shop. It is a huge souvenir shop which sells almost every cheap tourist trinket that you would ever want under one roof. The prices are fixed, and they give a fixed discount if you buy over certain amounts.

Bali coffee and spices. They make nice gifts for a foodie.

Literally thousands of t-shirts.

Bali sun dresses.

The ubiquitous surfer pants. There are hundreds of designs, and they are cheap too.

Even Balinese paintings.

We found the selections here quite good, and prices are reasonable. This is a real time-saver as you can get all your shopping done in one go. Our driver did tell us that they give commissions to the guides and drivers, but we didn't mind as the prices were not too highly marked up.


Mummy Ryna said…
can i know where is the shop located....legian....ubud?.....need some info to Bali.....tqvm....

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