Bali 2010 - Shopping at Tanah Lot

Wherever you go in Bali, it is difficult to avoid the souvenir shops. They are at every street corner, beach, tourist attraction - even at the temples. In Bali they have also arranged it so that you simply can’t avoid them. For example at Tanah Lot, to reach the temple you need to walk through long outdoor alleyways lined with hundreds of souvenir stalls on both sides. There is one group of shops on your way there, and another group on your way out. Most of them seem to sell the same things.

The shops can be a distraction and nuisance, but if you change your mindset a little bit these can also become an additional point of interest during your visit. I always find these stalls very interesting and colourful, great for photographs. This trip, whats popular seem to be motorcycle helmets - they come in all kinds of funny shapes and designs.

You don't really have to buy anything, but sometimes you may find that perfect gift, or an interesting souvenir for your travel. If you have no intention of buying, don't start bargaining as haggling usually signals to the seller that you are interested.

I find these colourful displays at the shops facing the carpark really beautiful and graphic.


Australia visa said…
Wow, those look quite great. I have been to Bali a few times. But I have yet to experience a shopping spree there.

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