Hong Kong 2010 - 1881 Heritage

1881 Heritage is one of the latest commercial developments in Kowloon. Located on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, the development is anchored on some existing heritage buildings which were formerly the Marine Police Headquarters. The Victorian Classical buildings have been fully restored, and the new developments are designed to blend into the old architecture.

The high-end shopping and leisure complex contains a shopping arcade, a boutique hotel, and an exhibition hall. While we were there, most of the visitors were busy sightseeing and taking pictures – just like us. I didn't see many people in the shops.

It is a popular spot for wedding photos. We saw at least 2 wedding couples during our visit.

Luxury shopping arcade built on the terraces.

The boutique hotel.

I always wonder who actually shop in these places, as a small fashion item would easily cost thousands of dollars. The brands here include Cartier, Dunhill, Lancel, Rolex, Tiffany, Piaget, Vivienne Tam and Shanghai Tang. Anyway, we were pretty happy that somebody had seen fit to dump in so much money creating such a charming attraction for the public’s enjoyment. Good on you mate !


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