Hong Kong 2010 - It's A Small World

It's A Small World is the latest attraction at HK Disneyland. It's an indoor attraction housed in a building designed to look like a toy house. We almost missed it if not for the sharp eyes of our daughter, as the building is a bit out of the way.

Once inside the building, you get into small boats which take you through the attraction which consists of cute little dolls from all over the World. It is a bit boring for the adults, but should be quite interesting for the young ones. At least the displays are colourful.

More of the same.

While It's A Small World is a visual treat, I'm surprised they couldn't make it more fun. A little bit of interactivity would have done wonders. This is not really up to the usual Disney standards.


Nicole said…
Disney in Hong Kong looks amazing! Having been to the one in Florida many times, I can only imagine what an international Disney parade is really like. Love your photos!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nicole. Thanks for your visit. I'm sure the Florida Disneyland would be much more impressive compared to the one in Hong Kong. It is still a bit small, but the kids loved it anyway. I guess "small" is relative.

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