Hong Kong 2010 - Dinner at Shamrock Seafood Restaurant

On our second night in Hong Kong, we were looking for a place for dinner along Nathan Road and came across this restaurant called Shamrock Seafood Restaurant. The name was distinctly un-Chinese, still we decided to give it a try. The roast goose at the shop window looked really enticing.

The restaurant is quite a typical Hong Kong eatery. Decor is very simple and basic, but the menu is extensive - spanning over several pages. I'm always amazed at the skill and efficiency of Chinese restaurant kitchens which can turn out a large array of dishes in a whim.

We settled on the roast goose, a braised tofu which is my daughter's favorite dish, and a braised chicken with pig's liver. All were very good - a testament to the skill of Hong Kong chefs.

The roast goose was tender and flavourful, with skin that is not that crispy but tasty. This is going to be my must-have dish in Hong Kong.

The brasied tofu was as expected, but much better then what we normally get in Kuching. The tofu was perfect cooked - still silky smooth inside.

The best dish was the braised chicken with pig's liver. Flavoured with oyster sauce and Shau Shin Wine - with a little bit of ginger, the chicken was tender and slightly caramelized, and the liver had the required crunch which made it very satisfying.


Ez Vina said…
all look so great! I want to have some too.

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