Hong Kong 2010 - First Dinner

Malaysians sometimes forget how lucky we are when it comes to food -until we come to a place like Hong Kong where everything is more then double or triple compared to back home. I still remember a simple congee meal I had with a few friends in Hong Kong many years ago, at a small little coffeeshop which I can’t even remember. It cost us more then RM 100, a shock to us at the time.

For our first night out in Hong Kong I had wanted to try the dai pai tongs in Temple Street. After wondering through the thick crowds in that area, my kids were crying out for a more comfortable location. We ended up in this restaurant at the upper end of Parkes Street called “Sha Kei’s Roast Meat and Seafood Restaurant”. It is a typical small Hong Kong Chinese restaurant with a pretty standard menu - but you can order practically any Cantonese dish you can think off and they will cook it for you. We opted for simpler fare - some poached chicken, roast goose, char siew and kai lan with garlic. Everything was good - especially the roast goose which was tender, juicy and very tasty. This is afterall Hong Kong - the centre of roast goose and char siew.

Perfectly poached chicken.

Very good roast goose and char siew.

Stir-fried kailan with garlic. Very crunchy and perfectly seasoned.

The minute you walk into a restaurant in Hong Kong, be prepared to pay. Our simple diner cost around RM 150.00. It would have been below RM 50 in KL.


doesn't look too busy in there. Was it early?
Borneoboy said…
Yes. It was a bit early. But then Hong Kongites seem to have late dinners compared to Malaysians.
Nilcha said…
hi there.

i ve been to HK and do agree with u, that the price for simple oriental food is pretty expensive there. compare to Indonesia or Malaysia.

cheers :)

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