Hong Kong 2010 - Disneyland Part II

More photos from Disneyland.

There's always something happening somewhere. Like this marching band which appeared out of nowhere.

The Castle. This one looks smaller then what we normally see on TV.

The Philhar Magic is a 4D Show which is really entertaining. There are parts where you get a blast of wind and a splash of water following the action on screen. All the kids went wild !

The Dumbo ride - more for small kids but there were plenty of adults joining in.

Cinderella's Carousel - very popular with the kids as well as the bigger ones.

Where do we go next ?


Norris Thomas said…
wish i can go to Hong kong...nice photos bro..
Borneoboy said…
Hi Norris. Thanks for your kind words.

Hong Kong is indeed a nice place for holiday, but not cheap. Hotels and food are quite expensive. It may be better to join a packaged tour if you are going for the first time.

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