Hong Kong 2010 - International Commerce Centre

The International Commerce Centre (ICC) is a massive new development at West Kowloon. Modelled after IFC (International Financcial Centre) which is on the Hong Kong Island side, this project consists of a highrise office tower, several highend condominiums, the W Hotel, and a shopping mall. There also a huge transport interchange at the heart of the complex. The ICC now boasts the tallest building in Hong Kong – at 118 floors. It is also the 3rd tallest building in the World after Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Shanghai World Financial Centre.

The place is so huge, I had problem finding my way in and out. It is not exactly pedestrian friendly - designed more for car and vehicle access. The lower levels are all for car parks and vehicle circulation, including several levels of shopping. On top of the podium level is a huge public open space. This is probably the largest roof-top garden in Hong Kong. The highrise buildings are all located at the periphery of the garden, surrounding it like mountains over a valley.

Within this development is supposedly the most expensive penthouse apartment in Hong Kong. A whopping USD 28.8 millions ! ( in 2008 – this has since been surpassed by even more opulent luxury apartments) Coming from Kuching, I am quite averse to highrise living and can’t quite understand why people would pay so much to live in a concrete jungle. But then how else would you get the bragging rights ?

The huge podium - not very friendly to pedestrians.

The very posh Elements Shopping Arcade in the podium.

The Roof Garden - more concrete then plants but still a huge luxury to have so much open space in Hong Kong.

The International Commerce Centre Tower and other highrises surrounding the roof garden.

Inside this building is supposedly on of the most expensive apartments in Hong Kong.


Meaghan said…
i live and work in Hong Kong. We have a saying about IFC and Elements malls. 60% of hong kong can only afford the starbucks, the h&m and the movie theatre. Everything else is for the top 40%. The design structure of Hong Kong is built on supporting the wealthy's image. I don't personally understand it, but it's how it is here. And yes, those weird apartments with the gap in the middle are crazy expensive.

Loved the HK entries you just did.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Meaghan. Thanks for your visit. I guess HK being one of the major capitalist centres in the World, the culture of money and ultra-competitiveness can't be help. I'm just worried about those who fall on the wayside or miss out one the gravy train.

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