Hong Kong 2010 - Disneyland Parade

The HK Disneyland Parade starts at 6.00 p.m. everyday, and is one of the highlights of the visit. About half an hour before the parade, the Mouseketeers would start putting barricades on the main streets. That is when you should stake out the best location to enjoy the parade. The whole street fills up really fast, and if you are stuck at the back especially with kids - you wouldn’t enjoy the parade very much.

All the Disney Cartoon characters are represented. It really was an explosion of colours and movement, a dream come true for all of the kids there.

Here comes Mickey - and he is gigantic !

Love the costumes.

Here comes the floats.

Almost finished ! Mickey, Minnie and friends come to say goodbye.

After the parade there was a fireworks at 9.00 p.m. We waited for it, but unfortunately the sky had already fogged up and the fireworks were all lost in the fog. 


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