Shanghai 2010 - JIA Shanghai Boutique Hotel

If you have the money, JIA Shanghai is the IT place to stay in Shanghai. Located on Nanjing West Road – the luxury shopping street in Shanghai – JIA Shanghai opened its doors in 2007. It is developed by Singaporean hotelier Yenn Wong who is only 31 ! She also owns JIA Hong Kong which was designed by Philip Stark.

The interior design is very eclectic – touches of POP, modernized Chinese and European Chic. The designer is Australian firm Hecker Phelan & Guthrie.

Every boutique hotel must have a good restaurant and JIA Shanghai is no exception. Issimo Italian Restaurant on the 2nd floor of JIA serves high-end Italian food by celebrity chef Salvatore Cuomo who has restaurants in Japan, Singapore and Shanghai. The set lunches are quite good value, and pasta dishes are very reasonably priced by Shanghai standards (from RMB 100 to 180). Unfortunately the restaurant was closed during our visit.

The hotel has a no-photo policy so I only managed to sneak a few shots. We wanted to have a look at the rooms, but apparently they were fully booked. The reception staff are super friendly but very good at fending off unwanted visitors like us. Rates start from RMB 1,300 per night.


I have been to the Jia in HK. This looks quite similar but it is housed in a much more exciting building though. At 1300/night, there can be many more good meals in Shanghai :)
Borneoboy said…
Hi 3HT. The concept is similar to JIA Hong Kong. I agree the building of JIA Shanghai is much nicer - and very well preserved. The rate is actually not bad for a hotel of this standard.

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