Shanghai 2010 - A Local Market

I always enjoy visiting local markets wherever I travel, but Shanghai is so big that it is a bit difficult to locate the places where locals go. I chanced upon this market at Zhenning Lu while waiting for my dinner appointment. Its a relatively small market - just a strip of leftover space covered with a metal roof. There are basically 2 rows of stalls along a narrow alleyway. As you get deeper into the market, the space opens up into a bigger area.

The stall-keepers are all very friendly, unlike some other Chinese cities where they can be outright rude especially to a camera-toting tourist with no intention of buying anything ! This market was quite a pleasant visit, as you can see from some of the friendly and colourful personalities.


Small? It's pretty least by Kuching standards...
Borneoboy said…
This is tiny by China standards !

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