Shanghai 2010 - The Lingering Garden of Suzhou

Suzhou City is about 120 km from Shanghai, and is famous for its water villages and gardens. There are countless gardens in Suzhou, and 2 of them are considered among the 4 most beautiful Classical Chinese Gardens in China – The Lingering Garden (Liuyuan) and The Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan). In 1997, several of Suzhou’s best gardens were added as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The Lingering Garden occupies an area of around 6 acres. It is divided into 4 main sections, each with its own features. The most beautiful part is the central section with its man-made pond and grotto surrounded by elegant Classical buildings.

One of the main features of the garden is this beautiful Taihu rock called "Guan Yun Feng" - literary cloud-crowned peak. At 6.5 m tall it is one of the tallest Taihu rocks in Suzhou gardens, and is prized for its natural beauty.

An entire garden has been created around this rock.

Other sections of the garden. Some parts actually look very modern.

When we visited it was late Spring and the garden was very lush and beautiful. Based on the pictures we saw, it would be even more beautiful in Winter.


Scho said…
The old buildings still look great.

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