Shanghai 2010 - The Puli Hotel & Spa

The Puli Hotel is one of the latest to open in Shanghai (December 2009), and has been the talk of the town since. It is easy to see why – the interior is simply stunning. Designed by renowned Indonesian Interior Designer Jaya Ibrahim, the Puli is on par with any luxury hotel around the world.

Like most modern luxury hotels, the entrance is deliberately obscure. You enter through a bamboo-lined driveway to the entrance porch – which is also very low-key in design. The lobby is truly impressive – oozing luxury with its polished black flooring, subdued lighting and expensive decorations. The reception counter lines one side of the lobby, and extends into an open bar. A garden at the side of the building provides the perfect backdrop to the reception space.

The Puli also has a no-photo policy, but they were not as strict as JIA, as long as you are discreet.

The beautiful and impressive lobby.

The hotel has a fusion restaurant- Jing’An, which is winning accolades with local foodies. The interior is equally impressive, and the menu is modern European with heavy emphasis on Italian. Prices are International standard (RMB 90 to 180 for appetizers, RMB 180 to 320 for mains).

There is also a spa run by the Anantara Spa Group – an it is getting rave reviews so check it out if you have the cash.

The Puli Hotel is located in Jing’An District – one of the central districts of Shanghai. It is close to the business areas and also the shopping districts on Nanjing West Road.


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