Eating in Shanghai - San Fah Tang Restaurant

In terms of choices of outlets, The Cool Docks can’t beat Xin Tian Di. Still there is quite a dizzying variety of places to satisfy most palate. There is a Greek Tavern here, a fine dining restaurant, Starbucks, a wine bar, many cafes and pubs.

I was looking for a place to have a simple dinner, and came across this restaurant called San Fah Tang. The décor is quite simple but tasteful. It has a teahouse ambience. They serve noodles and dim sum, which was exactly what I was after. Since I wasn’t that hungry, I ended up ordering just a Pork Chop La Mien. It was a pretty simple but satisfying meal.

The tea house decor inside.

They have an upper floor with private rooms.

Nice table setting.

I loved these pickles.

Now the noodles. Nice big slab of pork chop on top, half an egg. The pork chop was really tender, and the noodles still al dente.

There is a window outside the restaurant where you can see the chefs at work.

My experience with La Mien in Shanghai has been generally very good. This is one of their specialties, and they do it very well. Be sure to give it a try.


Jessi said…
Those pickles do look really good. :)

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