Shanghai 2010 - The Bridge 8

Developers in China are getting very good at using their old building stock, and The Bridge 8 is another great example of adaptive re-use of old buildings. The complex is actually an old automobile factory consisting of some warehouses with very high roofs, and some multi-storey office buildings.

Retaining most of the existing structures, the architects have cleverly given the buildings a new lease of life by adding a very cool decorative brick fa├žade. The bricks are grey in colour, and laid in a textured pattern which give the buildings a seductive skin. New structures like a lift tower and connecting sky bridge provide the necessary modern touch.

A model of the whole complex.

The complex is now occupied mostly by architecture, interior and design firms. It feels like a really cool and interesting place to work.

If you are an architecture buff, a visit to The Bridge 8 would be highly recommended.


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