Beijing 2009 - Yashow Market at Sanlitun

One of the most popular shopping centre for tourists is the Yashow Market at Sanlitun. It is right next to The Village Shopping Centre which I had posted on earlier. This is basically a convenient place to get fake branded products, leather goods and other useless but highly desirable junk. Most of the things here are of dubious quality, but they are really cheap ! You could get an LV handbag for around RMB 100. 

The shopping centre has about 5 levels and is divided into different sections for clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, etc. 

If you are looking for some fake branded products or imitation shoes, it's worth a visit. Otherwise give it a miss.


Anonymous said…
This fast lane is for grannies with cars or clown travel groups. Check out the Fast Lane prank .
betty said…
Wonderful,yummy site-thanks for the pictures and info! Betty

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