Beijing 2009 - 798 Art Zone

The 798 Art Zone or Dashanzi Art District is an art and lifestyle hub which brings together art, architecture, lifestyle and culture in one huge complex. Located in the Chaoyang District which is to the North-Eastern side of Beijing, this complex used to be a military electronics factory. The factory became disused in the 90s, and was discovered by artists looking for cheap workshop spaces.

The original factory buildings were designed by East German architects with strong influence from the functionalist Bauhaus style. The large spans, high ceilings and ample skylights of the factory structures provide a perfect setting for artist studios. Today 798 is a triving hotspot for the hip and trendy, and has branched out into furniture, fashion, shops and cafes besides the art studios. 

The complex is really huge and has so many studios that it would take several days just to wonder around. Many of the art-works are very avant-garde, proving that China is now one of the hottest places for new art in the World. Several of the most renown Chinese artists made their start in this District. We only had a few hours at 798, so it was a bit of a rush. 

There are many hip cafes in the District.

And many interesting art spaces.

Cutting edge art-works and installations.

What is this ? A Nike shop ? 

It's actually an indoor basketball stadium. Courtesy of Nike, of course.

Many scultures and objet d'art dot the complex.

The 798 Art Zone is one of the must-visit places in Beijing. Plan to spend at least 1 day here. You can visit the art studios, have a bite at the many cafes, and browse through the bookshops. It will be a most memorable experience.


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