Beijing 2009 - Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

One of the interesting places to visit in Beijing is the Planning Exhibition Hall. Located near the Tiananmen Square, this 4-storey building houses many eye-opening exhibitions on the planning of Beijing City. The exhibitions are organized thematically - with sections on histroy, transport, public works, landscaping, planning policies, etc. It is worth making a visit to this exhibition at the beginning of your trip, just to get a bearing on the huge city of Beijing. The highlight of the exhibits is a huge model of Beijing City, with very detailed models of many of the notable buildings. There is also a model of the historical Forbidden City.

The Exhibition Building is quite a nice modern piece of architecture. Clad entirely in glass on the outside, inside the finishing is mainly off-form concrete and steel. There is a sky-lit atrium which serves as the main connection between different floors. 

The large copper relieve map of historical Beijing City in the atrium.

Model of the Forbidden City.

The model of Beijing City.

If you have the time, a visit to the Planning Exhibition Hall would provide interesting insights into the historical evolution of Beijing City. 


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