Beijing 2009 - McDonald's

From a 4 star high end restaurant we move on to the other end of the food spectrum - McDonald's. My main reason for visiting a McDonald's in Beijing was to try out the pork burger. Sadly they only had one flavour on offer - Mala Crispy Pork Burger. I ordered that, and seeing another interesting offer - a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, I ordered one as well.

First on the Pork Burger. The pork pattie was breaded and deepfried, and sandwiched in the bun with some lettuce, carrot and a Mala sauce. I couldn't really taste the pork, it was drowned in too much seasoning, and the Mala sauce was also not too great. Overall a disappointment.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich - on the other hand, was really good. It was a real solid piece of chicken meat, marinated with some teriyaki sauce. Very tasty, and healthy too !

While the high end Maison Boulud lets diners take all the pictures they want, McDonald's had a no-picture policy. Go figure ! I was only able to sneak one photo.

Strangely, KFC in Beijing also had the same no-photo policy. They look the same all over the world anyway.


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