Beijing 2009 - Wangfujing Food Street Part II

You should always go to Wangfujing Food Street with an empty stomach, or you will regret it. There are just so many things to try. I will post on some of the more nerve recking offerings later, but there are enough choices here to make you come back a few times. There is only so much a stomach can take on one visit.

Here are some of the more stomach-friendly offerings.

The familar silken tofu - but these are savoury. The tofu is perfectly done, and the savoury sauce is not too heavy to drown out the taste.

Pineapple Rice - actually a sweet sticky rice commonly eaten as a snack.

An unusual take on the French fry - this one is topped with a fried egg. It is actually quite nice - crispy and not too oily.

Crystal jellies - a refreshing palate cleanser in between the savoury stuff.

An assortment of sweet cakes. Unfortunately I didn't have the stomach to try them.

Some interesting looking crabs. They are nice to look at but not so nice to eat.

Beijing "Burgers" - pan-fried lamb served in a toasted bun. Quite delicious.

The famous Tianjin Gaobuli Baozi - basically steamed mini pork buns. There is an interesting story attached to the origin of these buns, but they taste like ordinary pork buns to me - in fact a bit mushy. The filling also not of the best quality.

A spicy stew of pig intestines and tofu. Really rich and strong in flavour. A tiny bit is enough.

The popular candied fruits. You find these everywhere in Beijing.

I don't know what these are and didn't try them. Some kind of sticky sweet dusted with peanut powder, I think. I am generally not a fan of sticky sweet things.

Tofu skin parcels with a vegetarian filling. These are quite nice, with a crunchy texture and a tasty filling.

What I have posted above is only a faction of what's on offer at Wangfujing. It is just impossible to try everything.


Thanks for post. It’s really imformative stuff.
I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!

fateh singh
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