Amsterdam 2013 - Fast Food

Traveling in Europe can be very expensive especially when your currency conversion is not favourable. A simple meal at a restaurant is at least 10 euros - often much more. Cheap options like street food is almost non-existent due to strict regulations. The closest thing to Asian street food would be the occasional hot dog stand, or a fast food kiosk.

In front of the Amsterdam Central Station are a number of fast food stands with comparably cheap food on offer. Here they have taken fast food to another level with the food served through coin-operated boxes. You pop the money in the slots - then the doors are released and you can pick up what's inside instantly. Beats waiting in line for a burger. Smullers is apparently one of the most popular chain of fast food outlets in the Netherlands, especially at the train stations when sometimes you need to run to catch your train.

Kebabs seem to be very popular as fast food in Europe. 

The ubiquitous hot dog stand. I tried one with chili sauce and mustard. Nothing to write home about, but at 2 euros it is one of the cheapest snacks I had in Europe.


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