Amsterdam 2013 - The EYE Film Institute

The EYE Film Institute is one of the latest landmark in Amsterdam. Located across the harbour from the Central Station, there is a free ferry service that operates every few minutes - making it very convenient to visit.
Designed by Vienna-based firm Delugan Meissl, the building is ultra-modern and looks impressive perched on the water edge. It is meant to be an institute for the preservation of film culture. The Film Museum has a library of 46,000 films from all over the World. 

On first impression the building looks a bit like a seagull with its wings spread open. On second look it begins to appear like a giant eye with white eye lids and its single dark eyeball pearing onto Amsterdam. Since it is meant to be an abstract design, it is up to the viewer to make up their own mind what the forms represent.

While the outside form is striking, the internal spaces are just as impressive. Inside the building is a large public space which serves multiple duties - as an enclosed public plaza, a small amphitheatre, just a place to sit around, and also a cafe. The space is oriented toward the city offering great views across the harbour. A series of stepped platforms bring the visitors to different levels where there are a number of movie theatres.


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