Amsterdam 2013 - Dam Square

Dam Square is the old town square of Amsterdam and probably the most crowded place in the city. All the tourists seem to converge here, and at times it is literally standing room only. This is compounded by the presence of a carnival in the square which occupied most of the available space in front of the Royal Palace, blocking most of the views. The plus point is that you get the jovial atmosphere of the carnival and the happy crowd who were out having a good time.

Next to the Royal Palace is the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) which was actually built in the1,400s. Royal Inaugurations and Weddings have been held in this church.

The square itself is not very big - about 100m by 200m. It is bisected by the main street Damrak. The Royal Palace occupies one end of the square, and in the middle of the opposite side of the square stands the National Monument - a white stone pillar designed by J.J.P Oud - one of the most prominent Dutch architects in the 19th Century.

The area around Dam Square is a maze of cobble-stoned alleys full of cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a great area to explore on foot.


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