Amsterdam 2013 - Dinner at Restaurant De Nissen

Our first dinner in Amsterdam was at Restaurant De Nissen, a traditional Dutch restaurant right in the heart of the city - along Rokin which is one of the main roads. It is housed in a 17th Century building, and decorated with lots of old farm tools and antiques. The restaurant has a simple authentic charm that is sure to make your dining experience more enjoyable - provided the food is good.

The appetizer was a selection of 3 cold cuts served with a potato salad. All the cured meat were good - especially the smoked bacon. The potatoes were better then anything we get back in Malaysia - probably because of the freshness.

Accompanying the main course was a trio of coleslaw, boiled beans and baby carrots, and deep fried potatoes. All were great - especially the potatoes which were crispy outside and fluffy inside.

The main course was impressively served in a personal cocotte or "Dutch Oven". The Dutch perfected the art of making these heavy cast iron pots in the 17th Century and they were exported all over the World. Once you open the lid, the smell of the beef stew was really appetizing. It tasted great, with a rich strong beefy flavour and tender chunks of beef. All you need is a nice cold beer to accompany the meal and its perfect.


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