Amsterdam 2013 - Beer and Tapas

Amsterdam is such a pedestrian friendly city that you could spend hours and hours just walking around, and it never gets boring because there is always something interesting just around the corner. One of the major attraction in Amsterdam is probably the Red Light District in De Wallen. If you want to see pictures of scantily clad ladies in glass windows - you would have to visit a different site. But De Wallen is also where Amsterdam's Chinatown is located, and where you go if you hunger for Chinese food. 

The area around De Wallen is also one of the oldest in the city - full of interesting old buildings and neighbourhoods. While wondering around we bumped into this local pub called Poco Loco. The name attracted us, and when we found out that they served Tapas, we had to give it a try.

We didn't really have any high hopes on the Tapas - this being the Netherlands and not Spain, but what we had was simply delicious. Coupled with nice cold beer, it was one of the nicest snack breaks we had in Amsterdam. 

Cheese Platter and Deepfried Calamari Rings.

The Special Tapas Platter. It came with Deepfried Salt Cod, Sauted Shrimps with Garlic, Fried Chicken Wings, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce and Ricotta Cheese with Grilled Vegetables. The meatballs really packed a tasty punch, and the Ricotta cheese was another winner.


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