Bangkok 2011 - Street Vendors around Rattanakosin

Walking around the Rattanakosin area in between visiting the temples and palaces, you are bound to bump into the street vendors. They are concentrated along Thanon Maha Rat Road, near the ferry point to Wat Arun (Tian Market).

If you are a fan of old coins, currency notes and amulets - this would be your Nirvana. Lots of stalls are piled high with small mountains of coins and amulets - all looking very authentic and interesting. However, if you are spending serious money it is best to go with someone who knows the wheat from the chaff.

We came across this stall selling small statues of Bhuddist monks. They looked so real - like the real person has been magically shrunked into a miniature size. You can even see every spot and blemish on the skin. Very eery !

Bangkok is full of colourful characters, and this Thai cowboy was singing up a storm on the sidewalk.

The Thais revere the Royal Family so much that even their photos are coveted items at the bazaar.


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