Bangkok 2011 - Lunch at Krisa Cafe

After walking around Rattanakosin for a few hours, we were getting quite hungry. This cafe along Thanon Na Phra Lan next to the Grand Palace looked quite promising, so we decided to check it out. The place is quite tiny - just around 5 small tables seating the most 20 persons, with a small counter and tiny kitchen at the back. They have a first floor dining room that is a little bit more spacious, but we decided to stay on the lower floor.

The tiny kitchen.

The menu is understandly limited, but most of the popular Thai dishes are there - and prices are quite reasonable. We ordered a Kuay Tiew Rad Na and a Seafood Salad.

The food was reasonable, but not comparable to the better roadside stalls. However the nice ambiance made up for it. Definitely a great place to rest your legs in between visits at the Rattanakosin, as they also serve very nice and refreshing cold drinks.


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