Bangkok 2011 - Dinner at Nahm

Australian Chef David Thompson has made his name with Thai food in London, at his Nahm Restaurant in the Halkin Hotel. He was one of the first chefs cooking Thai food to have received a Michelin Star.

When Chef Thompson decided to open a branch of his Nahm Restaurant in Bangkok last year, many local food pundits were irked by his audacity - that a Mat Salleh would dare to show the Thais how to cook Thai food ! Now months down the road, the restaurant is doing well and receiving many accolades even from the locals - though there ares still some who still would not walk in the door.

A meal at Nahm is best reserved for an occasion - it is not a cheap affair. The Set Menu is priced at THB 1,700++, which will work out to around RM 200 per person without wine. Drinks extra.

And the food ? Really top notch Thai food - with perfect balance of sweet, salty, spicy and savoury tastes that will titillate your taste buds. There are also some dishes which you will not find anywhere else, as Chef Thompson scour the whole of Thailand searching for long lost recipes which he recreates and updates in his kitchen. There are simply too many dishes to review, so here are the pics.

Smoke Ground Fish with Betel Leaves and Watermelon.

Thai Cupcakes with Crab and Red Curry.

Southern Grilled Mussels. Simply delicious !

Spicy Pork with Mint, Peanuts and Crunchy Rice and Betel Leaves. A beautiful dish with complex flavours.

Lemongrass Salad of Prawns, Crispy Squid and Pork with Toasted Coconut.

Crab and Snake Gourd Soup with Egg, Pepper and Coriander. A simple but tasty soup which reminds me of what my mum used to cook.

Green Peppercorn Relish with Shrimp Paste, Chilies and Pork. Great when eaten with rice and the fresh vegies which accompanied the dish.

Mussaman Curry with "Royal Project" Chicken with Onions and Potatoes. This was the only dish of the night that I felt was a bit ordinary.

Stir-fried Prawn, Chicken and Egg with Pickled Garlic. This deceptively simple dish was so tasty, I almost finished the whole portion on my own !

We were also served samples of all the desserts on the menu. Heaven ! First off - lychees in Rose Water. Some of my dining companions find this weird, but I liked it.

Fresh Durian in Coconut Cream.

Fresh Jackfruit in Coconut Cream.

Fresh Longans with Sticky Brown Rice and Coconut Cream.

Fried Bananas.

This was my favourite of all the desserts - Caramelized Pumpkin Custard.

Finished off with some fresh fruits.

It was a huge amount of food and in the end we were all greatly satisfied. It was incredible Thai food, and the service was impeccable throughout. Dinner at Nahm is a must if you love Thai food.

Nahm Thai Restaurant
Metropolitan Hotel Bangkok
27 South Sathorn Road
Tungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120
Tel +66 (0)2 625 3333
Fax +66 (0)2 625 3300


Simran Singh said…
I just wish that i could visit all these places and taste such yummy food just like you guys.
Pooja Singh said…
I was really drooling after reading your blog and watching these pics.

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