Bangkok is slowly becoming one of the fashion capitals in the world due to its endless supply of talented designers. Though departmental stores are still mainly occupied by the usual international brands, a few homegrown labels have managed to establish themselves and take their pride of place among the imported giants. One of the most successful local brands is ITHAPPENSTOBEACLOSET. What a name !

The outlet at Emporium Shopping Mall on Sukhumvit Road is both a cafe and a fashion boutique. Tables are placed outside the shop along the generous corridor, and they serve cakes and light meals for the fashion-forward crowd.

Inside the shop - befitting its name - the place is decked out like somebody's very large closet - albeit a very well-curated one. Things are thrown together in a somewhat haphazard manner - but there is definitely plenty of art behind the carefully controlled chaos.

Shopping here definitely takes patience. There are so many choices you can get dizzy pretty fast. I guess that's what the couches are for.


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