Bangkok 2011 - Dinner at Thang Long Restaurant

Thang Long is a Vietnamese restaurant right next to LUXX XL Hotel, along Lang Suan Road. It is in a stylish purpose-built 2-storey detached building. The design is very modern and hip. Downstairs is an air-conditioned dining room, and up stairs is a semi- alfresco bar.

It seems to be very popular and was almost full on a Monday night. The menu offers most of the popular Vietnamese items, plus some unusual dishes. Not feeling too adventurous, I settled for something familiar.

Salad with Pork Sausage. This was very refreshing.

Rice Noodle Soup with Grilled Pork. A simple dish that was done quite well. The dipping sauce for the pork was very good - with just enough heat and saltiness to make it interesting.

Thang Long is one of those restaurants that is not too big, not too small and has great ambiance. It is great for an intimate dinner or for small groups. All the patrons seem to be having a great time. I would definitely go back.


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