Bangkok 2011 - BU Landmark

BU Landmark is a new building complex built right at the main entrance point to the Bangkok University Campus at Pathumthani. It consists of 3 buildings – 2 lower 4-storey buildings at the front and a higher 7-storey building at the back. The prismatic shape of the lower buildings are very striking and reminiscent of Daniel Libeskind’s works.

Designed by Architect 49 - one of the leading architecture firms in Thailand, it is daring, striking and in-your-face. You either love it or hate it. I loved it - as it is one of the rare examples of a private institution with the will and vision to spend money where it matters. This building complex no doubt serves as a very effective publicity machine for the oldest and largest private university in Thailand. Furthermore, wondering through the buildings it was also clear that the designers have put a lot of thought into the functionality as well. The circulation spaces are all naturally ventilated yet cool and comfortable despite of the hot tropical weather.

The prismatic shapes are very striking and futuristic - yet approachable due to deft handling of the scale.

Double-skin design effectively keeps out the tropical heat.


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