Bangkok 2011 - The Met

In recent years Bangkok is emerging as an architectural capital to be reckoned with. There has been a building boom in the city - as in many other cities in the region, driven by the rising demand for luxury residential properties and amenities. The recently completed Met Project by WOHA of Singapore is but one of the examples. There are also many others on the way - perhaps the most eagerly awaited is the Maha Nakhon by Starchitect Ole Sheeren (previously with OMA) which will house The Ritz Carlton Residences and also a boutique hotel.

The Met is located on South Sathorn Road right in the Bangkok CBD. The 66-storey building is currently the tallest residential building in Bangkok, and houses 370 units of luxury condominiums. This project has won numerous awards since its completion - most notably the International Highrise Award for its design innovation and quality. One of the most notable innovations of this project is naturally ventilated spaces in all the units - which is rare in a highrise setting. There are also lots of planted terraces which provide much needed green spaces in the sky.

An apartment in this complex costs millions. Living well in Asia is no longer as cheap as before, and with property prices keep going up and up - locals may have to move elsewhere to find more affordable accommodation. Such is progress !


John Terry said…
Thanx for all your comments. Very wellknown made. Is it really read like your comments.As a general rule: the more money you have, the better the location of your condo when you live in Bangkok - or anywhere else for that matter. That being considered, the best locations really are going to be the most expensive.

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