Kuching to Mukah From the Air

On a recent business trip to Mukah, the weather was excellent. I whipped out my LX3 and started taking some shots. The great thing about flying in Twin Otters is the view, as they fly low - great for taking pictures. The bad thing is there is no air-conditioning, and conditions in the cabin can get unbearably hot and stuffy. Thank god the passengers no longer bring ducks and chickens on their trips like they used to.

The view of Kuching around the airport. In the foreground is Tabuan Jaya and BDC. You can see Mount Santubong in the background.

View of the Samajaya Free Industrial Zone. Several big electronic factories have set up their base here.

View of the Pending Area - an older industrial zone in Kuching.

The Sejingkat Industrial Park. Most of the new heavy industries are set up here.

The Senari Port - Kuching's main import-export portal.

When you fly over Sarawak, you can see signs that things are not all rosy. Signs of heavy siltation and excessive erosion.

Some parts are really beautiful.

Oil palm plantations slowly taking over the state.

Evidence of the importance of rivers in Sarawak. Most towns spring up a long the waterways which are still the main means of transport for remote areas.


jingpengboy said…
nice photos you ve got. Hopefully you can upload it to skyscrapercity forum.
CW, thanks for posting these photos.

Which company flies the Twin Otters without air con? I'd like to avoid those ;-)
GG said…
Hi CW,

Just saw your CookBook contest and wondering is it open to overseas (USA) participants or just local.

Great aerial pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate - All Twin Otters do not have air-cond, only a very basic ventilation system. It is really hot during take off and landing on a hot day. Once you get higher, it cools down due to the outside air temperature. Some of the old ones have fans, newer ones don't have fans at all !

GG - the contest is open to overseas participants also.

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