Chiang Mai Street Food - Part II

Some of the street food in Chiang Mai can be found not on the streets but in the markets. Many of the markets here have large cooked food sections - kind of like the food halls in a modern supermarket, except that here the offerings are decidedly local. I can imagine putting together a family dinner with some freshly bought ingredients, some grilled meats, and some nice chili dips - an easy and convenient way to a great meal.

These looked like little crab shells filled to the brim with yellowish roe. I normally can't resist crab roe, but these were raw and I was weary of getting a "Chiang Mai belly".

Nice selection of cooked dishes to take home. The one right in front is a pork gelatin which is one of my dad's favourites. It is made by boiling a pork leg and chilling the broth to form the gelatin, kind of like a terrine.

Nice looking Teo Chiew braised ducks and other stewed meats.

Colourful sweet cakes and snacks.

At the night bazaars too there are always lots of food stalls, and most of what they sell are different from the day time stalls - more light snacks and sweets compared to the more substantial fare in day time stalls.

I don't know what these are. They look like sweet glutinous rice desserts. Not really my cup of tea.

This young girl is selling a soup with pork rind and pig's blood. It is like a Chinese hot and sour soup. Very delicious.

Very colourful Thai desserts. They look really pretty, but I am a little bit worried about the amount of food colouring used in them.

This noodle salad is really nice. Made with vermicelli with sliced fresh vegetables and a sweet and spicy chili dressing. One of the best street foods I had in Chiang Mai. This stall is at the Saturday Night Bazaar.

Sampling the street food in Chiang Mai is quite an adventure. The variety is endless, and some are really delicious. Don't miss the sausages and the spicy noodle salad.


Oh I must start my part 2 of Thai food week after seeing this post!

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