Chinese New Year Cookbook Giveaway !

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and I'm in a generous mood. I have 2 copies of a unique book on Sarawakian Food to give away. The book is bilingual - in Chinese and English. It is a Chinese centric production, so the English translation is not always up to scratch. But I think it is the only book to feature food and recipes from some of the oldest and most established restaurants and hawker stalls in Sarawak. It is quite amazing that the author Vincs Huang - a popular local celebrity and foodie, managed to get access to some of the oldest and most secretive kitchens in Sarawak, and even to convince them to part with some of their recipes.

To join simply send an email to with the title "Entry for CW's Food & Travel Cookbook Giveaway", include a short writeup on your most interesting food experience. Pictures welcomed. The contest will be open until 28th February 2010, and I will notify the winners after that. Please don't forget to give me your postal address so I can send the books by snail mail. The winners' writeups will be featured in my Blog.

Oo... Ha ! Favourites of Sarawak !

The cover of the book. Those at the back are not included in this contest !

Inside is in full colour with lots of great photos and interesting content.

Do send in your entries. You may send in as many as you like, with different writeups. The more the merrier.

Note: Open to Malaysian and also overseas participants.


There's a full version of the Golden Arch Sarawak Laksa recipe? As in, fully from scratch, no need to buy paste packet? Dude if I don't win the book, I'm gonna buy it anyway!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. I'm afraid you wont get the laksa recipe in this book. But there are plenty of other great recipes.
ah, darn it. I need to find a recipe for the Sarawak laksa paste that I can build from scratch.
Borneoboy said…
The recipe for laksa paste is a closely held trade secret. Remember the phrase from James Bond "If I tell you I'm gonna have to kill you ?" Its that bad !
You mean there's only one company who knows the secret recipe? We need to send a spy in!

Get me Bond.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. There are a few companies but the best and most famous is Swallow Brand. The recipe is a closely guarded family secret - only passed down to a deserving family member who will carry on the business.

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