Chiang Mai - Sompet Market

Sompet Market is located at the North-Eastern corner of Chiang Mai Old City. It is one of the most popular local markets, though not the biggest. Robyn Eckhardt of Eating Asia recommended a visit, so I made it a point to go there on the first day. Read Robyn's excellent walking guide to Chiang Mai here.

Markets in South-East Asia are quite similar in a way. Most markets are divided into the meat section, fish section and vegetable section. In Thailand where pork is one of the favourite proteins, it warrants a large section of its own. Here in Chiang Mai, there is also a very sizable cooked food section selling prepared food for take-home. You will find stalls selling sausages, grilled meats, snacks, sweets and the essential Nam Prik - a spicy meat and chili dip which is normally eaten with raw vegetables.

Vegetables are always fresh and plentiful. Prices can fluctuate wildly with the seasons though.

Rice is the main staple of the Thai diet. Here you can find many varieties and grades.

Essential spices, conveniently packed.

Dried and salted fish.

Lots of cooked food.

Even the "farang" are tempted to check them out.


Kong-Kay said…
how 'bout the farang from borneo, did you?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Mike. I did try out some. Liked the Nam Prik, and pork ginger curry was really great !
Mmm I really do miss the market in Thailand!

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