Eating in Mukah - Lunch at JS Seafood

I always enjoy a visit to Mukah. It is a very small town, yet not lacking in modern amenities. Time slows down here, you can relax and forget about all your worries. Another great thing is the food - it is surprisingly good. There are not many restaurant choices here, but their good ones can rival those in bigger towns.

I have posted on JS Seafood before, but the food is so good it deserves another post. JS Seafood is in many ways the typical Chinese restaurant in a small town. It is devoid of any pretensions, there are no fancy decors and expensive table ware. What it specializes in is top notch food with very fresh ingredients - especially the seafood which come from local fishermen and suppliers.

The food is similar to what you get in seafood restaurants all over Sarawak. What makes it special is the excution and balance of flavours.

Umai - the famous Mukah raw fish marinated in chili and lime juice.

Deepfried "ikan terubok", a local fish that is full of small bones but has very sweet and delicate flesh.

Braised tofu with minced chicken.They don't serve pork in this restaurant.

Fried chicken two-ways. The chili version is better.

Prawns with oat flakes. The prawns were a bit overcooked.

Sweet and sour venison. The meat has been deepfried until slightly crispy but still tender. The texture is a bit like crispy Thai beef.

The highlight in this restaurant - fish head curry. A large head of a sea bass with lots of tender meat on the cheek, in a mild curry sauce which sets off the sweetness of the meat very well.

This is what the dish looked like after we were done with it.

When you visit some of the small towns in Sarawak, don't be surprised at how well they are eating. There are many chefs here who prefer the quiet and simple life, and the freshness of local ingredients make a great combination.


I'd like to try that Umai salad...any place in Kuching that does it well?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. I don't know any restaurant in Kuching which serves good umai. However it is really easy to make at home. All you need is very frsh fish (use sea bass or white promfret if you want a deluxe version), sliced shallots, julienned ginger, slice chili and lime juice. Marinate with the fish for a while and serve. In Mukah they sometimes serve the raw fish with a dipping sauce which contains a bit of soy sauce and palm sugar, giving it a nice sweet/sour taste.

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