Eating in Mukah - Dinner at Riverside Seafood Restaurant

Another very good restaurant in Mukah is the Riverside Seafood Restaurant. Located along the Mukah River, just 10 min from the town centre is this quaint little restaurant in a single-storey kampung house. The owners have made some attempts at decorating the place with local arts and craft - giving it a slightly exotic look.

The food here is a little more refined compared to JS. This is what we had. Stirfried Midin in belachan sauce. Very fresh, crunchy and tasty.

The fried chicken with a Thai sweet and sour sauce. This version is better then the one at JS Seafood.

Braised Japanese tofu with mushroom.

Deepfried Pompfret with sweet and sour sauce. The fish is extremely fresh. Pompfret is one of the best fish when fresh - very difficult to get in the bigger towns nowadays.

Mixed vegies.

Steamed king prawns. Look at the size of the prawn - sweet !

Stirfried crabs in a spicy sauce. Again extremely fresh and tasty.

JS Seafood and Riverside Seafood Restaurant are without a doubt the best seafood restaurants in Mukah. The taste and quality of their food can give restaurants in bigger towns a run for their money. Don't miss these if you are in Mukah.


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