Eating in Kuching - Nonya at The Spring Food Bazaar

I haven't been to The Spring Food Bazaar a lot as I was never quite impressed with the food selections there. Last week I was invited by fellow blogger Irene ( for lunch at Nonya - one of the bigger outlets at the Food Bazaar. I was quite surprised at the improvements and progress they have made in the last few months - more stalls, more food selections, and generally the place feels more alive.

My first experience at Nonya was a few months back. At that time they just opened, and the menu was very limited. The food was all pre-cooked and did not look or taste very appetizing. A few months on I am glad to see that they have made great improvements. Now there are quite a lot of Nonya dishes on the menu, and the food is freshly prepared to order.

The beef render was very good - chunks of tender beef slices in an aromatic sauce which has been cooked through to release all the flavours of the herbs and spices.

Stirfried Paku (jungle fern) in a light Belachan sauce.

The Assam Fish had just the right amount of sour and sweet - and enough chili heat to tickle the taste buds.

The rice is a mix of white and brown rice.

My favourite - chinchalok, a sauce made with preserved baby shrimps which has been salted and dressed with sliced shallots, ginger, chili and lime juice. It has a unique funky taste that is very appetizing. Here it is served over steamed okra.

This is a Nonya vegetable curry with Cangkok Manis (a local vegetable) and pumpkin. The sauce is made with traditional sambal and dried shrimp, giving it a rich and aromatic flavour.

Nonya was a pleasant surprise. In fact it is one of the few Nonya food outlets in Kuching worth a visit for it's nice, authentic and tasty food at a reasonable price. The added bonus is the shopping mall location which is comfortable and convenient.


That curry with cangkok manis and pumpkin looks interesting. I shall have to try making it!

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