Beijing 2018 - Lunch at TRB Forbidden City

We had made a booking at TRB Hutong for lunch, but a few days before the lunch they emailed that they had to change our booking to their sister restaurant – TRB Forbidden City. We were assured that the menu is exactly the same. We had to cut short our visit to The Forbidden City due to this lunch appointment, so the food better be good. We hastily made our retreat from The Forbidden City through the East Gate. The restaurant is located just outside the East Gate on Donghuamen Street.

The interior of the restaurant is very modern and elegant. We were seated next to the windows – looking right onto The Forbidden City. Very nice arrangement.

Lunch started with Amuse Bouche – which was not one dish but a selection of several small bites – marshmallow with parmesan flakes, anchovy mousse, fresh tomato jelly. What an impressive start!

Then they served the bread – it was an impressive selection of soft buns, Foccacia and olive bread. They were all so good

The first course was a Pumpkin Soup - beautifully presented. 

Unfortunately, I could not remember all the main courses - but they were all expertly executed and beautifully presented. This was an Egg Plant Ravioli I think. 

Yellow Tail with Pomelo and Orange.

Lobster Ravioli. 

Duck Breast with Crispy Skin and White Radish. 

Desserts – Hazelnut Mascarpone with Grapefruit Sorbet.

Chocolate Mousse with Mango Ice Cream.

Lunch at TRB Hutong was an outstanding dining experience. The service was impeccable – best in Beijing, and the food was sublime and so beautifully presented. This is one experience not to be missed and could be the highlight for you to revisit the city.


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