Kuching Hidden Gems - Bako National Park Part I

Bako National Park is one of those places that seem to be visited more often by foreigners than locals. Sometimes Kuchingites take for granted what is at their doorsteps - as Bako National Park is easily one of the most beautiful sights within easy reach of Kuching. It takes around 30 min to drive to Kampung Bako where the National Park jetty is located. You then have to take a boat ride to the Park. The boat rides are run by local boatmen but organized by the National Park service. There are many boats around and it doesn't take long to wait for your turn. The boat ride takes around 30 min. 

For those who get seasick - be warned that the ride actually goes into the open sea and depending on the season it can get a bit choppy. The boats are not so well-covered so make sure your luggage is well protected in case of rain.

After about 30 min on the boat, you will see the Bako Peninsula with its rocky outcrops, giving you some hints of what is to come.

Stay tuned for Part II of this post coming soon.


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