Bali 2014 - 2 Funerals in Ubud

While wondering around Jalan Hanoman I came across a group of locals preparing for a funeral. This is a communal affair where everyone came out to help. I don't know much about Balinese funeral rituals, except that cremation is the most common ceremony. Most Balinese believe that only through cremation will the soul be released from this ephemeral world into the afterlife - and proper rites and rituals must be performed to ensure this. The family will spare no expenses - often spending a small fortune on the funeral. 

Meanwhile, next to the Ubud Palace, another funeral is at hand. You can tell from the size of the effigy that the deceased must be from a very wealthy family. We were told that it was one of the relatives of the Royal family.

The magical thing about Bali is that customs and rituals are such an integral part of the life of the people. There is always something happening somewhere. On our last visit to Ubud there was a Royal Wedding. This time around there were 2 funerals. I wonder what we will encounter on our next visit.


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