Kuching 2015 - Spring Food Bazaar

With more and more competition coming up, the existing shopping malls in Kuching are upping their game to keep up. Just opened around seven years ago, The Spring was one of the first proper shopping malls in Kuching. Two years back they started a total revamp of their food court. 

Reopened in mid-2014, The Spring Food Bazaar as the new food court is called - is the first proper food court in Kuching. Some of the existing stalls remain, and there were also some new additions. They moved some of the other outlets like Kenny Rogers, Kluang Station and Manhattan Fish Market to the same venue - making it a much more concentrated food venue. 

The design is really nice and done up to a high standard. It is a very pleasant place for a food break - and this being Kuching you can always find a table unlike in KL or Singapore why it can be a mad scramble to find a place to sit. 

Some of the good stalls are the chicken rice stall, the laksa & Melayu stall, and the hot plate stall. My personal favourite is the Japanese stall which serves good value Japanese meals - especially the Bentos.


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