Bali 2014 - Komaneka at Rasa Sayang

Our last trip to Bali we stayed at Komaneka at Tanggayuda - and it was a really wonderful experience. The resort was beautiful, and the service was impeccable. After your check-in, the staff will remember and greet you by name. Komaneka now has a total of 4 resorts in Ubud - and the latest addition is the Komenaka at Rasa Sayang. Since I had a bit of time on my hand, I decided to check it out. 

As is the usual experience in Bali, the resorts are very welcoming to visitors. I just stepped up to the reception counter and requested to view the resort, and was immediately taken by one of the duty managers around the place - no fuss at all. She even showed me one of their standard rooms.

Rasa Sayang is right on Monkey Forest Road, and the compound is much smaller compared to the other Komanekas. The concept is also a bit different - with most of the rooms are housed in a 2-storey building and the rooms are laid out like a standard hotel room - overlooking a private garden. They also have villas here for those seeking more privacy.

Comparing all the Komaneka resorts, my favourite is still the one at Tanggayuda, which has a beautiful garden compound. Komaneka at Bisma would be a close second due to the beautiful swimming pools and views - and also has a wonderful spa. Choose Rasa Sayang only if you prefer to be right in the centre of attractions in Ubud. Some of the perks of staying at Komaneka are the complimentary afternoon tea, which you can enjoy at any of the sister resorts, free shuttle service within Ubud, and the really wonderful service. 


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