Bali 2014 - Ubud Market

If you are up early in the morning, take a walk to the Ubud Market. It is a hive of activities when the locals come out to do their daily marketing. They do start early - by the time I got there around 7.00 a.m. many of the stalls were already wrapping up and ready to go home. In places like Bali and many Asian cities, most people still do their marketing in markets like this - but sadly modern supermarkets are slowly killing off the traditional markets.

The area in front of the market is mainly for veggies, fruits and livestock. 

Wonder to the side and the back of the market building and you will see more stalls.  What I like about Bali is the people are usually very friendly and warm - and love to have their pictures taken. Unlike in Vietnam where I had been shooed away by some of the stall keepers.


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