Bali 2014 - Kajane Mua Resort

After our lunch at Ibu Mangku's we made our way to our hotel in Ubud - Kajane Mua. We had checked out this resort during our last trip to Ubud and liked it and decided to stay here this time around. The location is perfect - right on Monkey Forest Road and close to all the attractions. Traffic in Ubud can be quite bad nowadays - so staying at a hotel where you can walk everywhere is a big plus.

The Kajane group of hotels is owned by one of the Neka brothers - whose father was the founder of the famous Neka Art Museum in Ubud. The design is quite different from the Komaneka group of resorts in Ubud owned by another of the brothers. We stayed at Komaneka at Tanggayuda during our last trip and it was absolutely wonderful - a real Balinese experience. Kajane Mua is more of a normal hotel but the grounds are quite beautiful.

The reception is at the back of the resort, which is a bit of a problem if you have a lot of luggage. Luckily the porters are very helpful.

The grounds are beautifully kept, and there is a small and intimate pool which is usually empty.

Though the service here can't compare with Komaneka, the resort is a nice oasis in Ubud. A great place to stay with kids and family.


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