Japan 2012 - Air Asia X to Japan

Air Asia's foray into Japan is proving to be quite popular. In July 2012 I made a trip to Japan using Air Asia X - flying into Kansai Airport and flying out from Haneda Airport Tokyo. Breaking up the trip costs quite a bit more, but it means I do not have to backtrack to get back home.

Air Asia X uses Airbus 330 aircrafts. The seat arrangement is 3-3-3. Seats are the same as in other Air Asia aircrafts, but the spacing between seats is a bit more generous. The inflight crew included a few Japanese flight attendants which would be helpful if you are Japanese.

As this was a trip to Japan, I booked the Chicken Yakitori meal. Not bad. 

All in the 6 hour flight to Osaka was quite smooth and pleasant. It arrived before 4.00p.m. as scheduled, and I took a train to the City.



jony said…

Desert Safari in Dubai is a perfect choice i love it so much.
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

Can I please ask how did you apply for japan visa since you are living in Kuching ?? cos I understand that there is no japan embassy in Sarawak. would much appreciate your help.

Thank you


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