Japan 2012 - Shinsaibashi Area in Osaka

The Shinsaibashi Area in Osaka occupies about 1 city block. This is the most popular shopping area in the City, and has been the main shopping district in Osaka since the 1,600s. It is a network of covered shopping streets and small alleyways filled to the brim with shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.

This is a great place to see Japanese shopping culture in action. The variety of goods and fashion here is amazing, so is the range in pricing. On the same street you can buy dresses costing thousands of dollars, to t-shirts costing a few dollars. 

If you are not a local, it is probably impossible to navigate all the maze of streets here. You simply don't have the time ! It is best just to hang around some of the main areas such as Shinsaibashi-Suji and watch the crowd in amazement.

Video arcades are a regular sight in Japan. They have lots of games catered to girls as well.

The crowd is amazing at Shinsaibashi day and night.

People-watching at Shinsaibashi is a must when in Osaka.


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